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Printronix is an American supplier of line matrix printers. The company offers enterprise grade industrial printing solutions. Printronix is based in Irvine, California, and operates across 14 offices worldwide.

An empoloyee mentioned, "Printronix is focused on squeezing the life out of the 40+ year old technology they are known for. They have very little motivation to expand into new technologies and the Sales Managers are creating a culture that comp plans can change mid quarter to suit the Board of Director's wishes. for example, when you exceed your goals, Management will find a way to change the rules so you don't get commission on your sales."


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"Executive Team. Most have no left."

Former Employee - Management says

"1. Old technology 2. Extremely poor management and leadership - NO LEADERSHIP 3. No promotions regardless of how hard you work. And no merit increase yr after yr 4. Employee morale DOWN. The environment is very depressing; layoffs after layoffs yr after yr 5. The majority of people are old school. They've been around for a very long time. They're either looking for retirement or a nice severance package. 6. Private equity after private equity. What do you expect?"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is not qualified to do its business - friendly, sometimes not friendly at all, but in every case incompetent"

Former Employee - Product Support Specialist says

"VERY OLD Technology, Refusal to move forward with new Trends, Nepotism at the top. Very rarely do you get a bonus."

Former Employee - Technical Support says

"The company has no future. They now own the Line Matrix printer technology, but more and more companies do not require print out of their financials like they used to. Printronix mainly purchased TallyGenicom to get their customer base."

Former Employee - Tech Support says

"Company is using old technology and needs to update product line.."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Owners are vulture capitalists and work environment politically charged. Financials are artifically prop-up by cutting and outsourcing. Management busy driving company into the ground."

Financial Analyst says

"Just horrible communication and management - big rift between Administration and Engineering Work life balance is a joke in the Finance department. The Director of Finance expected you to work 24/7 - he required your cell phone and home phone numbers so he could get a hold of you anytime he needed. There was no ownership or accountability - no communication or announcement regarding changes that may affect monthly routines - just had to deal with it. No communication or organization in the finance department, the Finance Director would always wait until the last minute for requests requiring immediate turnarounds. The final straw was when the Finance Director wanted me to cancel my already approved PTO at the very last second. When I said no, he wanted me to work remotely during my PTO. He told me he did it all the time."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"the company is in decline. also in a lot of debt. no new products. afraid of change. continuing to outsource everything overseas severe downsizing; lay offs about every quarter because they continue to miss sales targets high turnover of employees"

Former Employee - Support says

"You can be exposed to too many different areas and become overwhelmed and accomplish very little."

Many Roles (Current Employee) says

"Printronix is focused on squeezing the life out of the 40+ year old technology they are known for. They have very little motivation to expand into new technologies and the Sales Managers are creating a culture that comp plans can change mid quarter to suit the Board of Director's wishes. for example, when you exceed your goals, Management will find a way to change the rules so you don't get commission on your sales.Management, poor outlook for the future, lack of product to meet our customer's goals."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"A different company from when I interviewed to the time I took the job. Constantly changing management, sales strategies, took manufacturing out of US - differences in quality and customer service which were the cornerstones of this business and why I went there.benefits were goodconstant change, change in product and support quality"

Acct Manager (Former Employee) says

"since april 2014 under new ownership this company moral has died. over half the company was let go and then last year was split into two parts."

Accounting (Former Employee) says

"Because it’s a smaller company, you have the opportunity to do more and learn more in accounting. Management is not as concerned about the accounting but more on ops and financial reporting. The owner is inexperienced and can be unstable. Job security is good because they rely on you being there since it’s a small company.Small company mentality"

Latin America Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"When I came to Printronix, it was a warm welcoming, motivating enviornment. Management and sales org. has undergone numerous changes since and while i personally have been given the opportunity to grow within, i believe these changes have hurt our business and partner relationships hindering success of the sales org. The hardest part of the job is fighting the rapid decline of the line matrix business but the loyal partners and the relationships we have built in time is the most enjoyable part of the job.people, relationshipsconstant change"

Departamento financiero (Former Employee) says

"Un muy buen ambiente, se trataba de un contrato de prácticas ya que formaba parte del convenio del máster que estaba realizando en ese momento."

Quality Inspector / Machine Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Working in manufacturing as an inspector under a microscope to ensure parts were acceptable. Receiving bonuses every quarter due to profits. Proud of the quality of work load I would produce daily.Making a profit for the company and receiving a bonusCompetitive work"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Great people. The people that work for Printronix are its most important asset. Nice location and building. HR team works hard to make this a great place to workGreat peopleMajority of work moved offshore"

Mechanical Designer (Former Employee) says

"I was not employed for very long with printronix, and the product line of high-speed industrial printers and accessories did not interest me for very long."

Regional Account Representative (Current Employee) says

"Being in sales handling the Middle East region as Regional Sales Representative is a challenging role. Dealing with big bosses to close the business is a tough one. But what makes more exciting is that I learned a lot of things dealing with different people. Even though the pressure is there meeting the expectation every month is the hardest part of the job. Travelling from one place to another is a good experience. TravellingExpectation"

Ingeniero de Procesos (Former Employee) says

"Revisión de e-mails, revisión de lineas, chequeo de proyectos y avances, contactos con proveedores para el avance de proyectos. Contacto y revisión de proyectos con mantenimiento. Junta de producción. Revisión del status de ayudas visuales y ECO. Revisión de FMEA con equipo.Seguro gastos médicos mayoresPoco ascenso y bajo salario, revisiones congeladas"

Staff Network Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It is a good place to work and learn updated technology.The co-workers are very friendly.The problem is that it is downsizing right now.It does have a ping pong table.working with very nice co-workersno job security now"

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